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one step at a time like this is a group of artists who create participatory, locative and site responsive works. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

one step at a time like this create place-responsive and conversation-based works, focusing on the activity of the audience as an essential element in the work. Exploring ways to allow audience members to find a point of relaxed engagement, involvement and activity in the imaginal and real worlds unfolding before them.


one step have just completed a season of Since I Suppose, our immersive experience based on Shakespeare's Measure For Measure, presented by Oz Arts Nashville.

At the same time in Chicago, undreamed shores - our audio exploration of Navy Pier, Shakespeare and water - was released to the public as part of Chicago Shakespeare Theater's all-encompassing Shakespeare400 celebratory year.

Earlier in the year upsidedowninsideout had a 2 month run at Culture Station Seoul 284. upsidedowninsideout is an adventure experience/installation for 7-12 year olds and their family which moved throughout the building alongside (and sometimes through) a diverse array of visual art and media installations.

In Melbourne we began developing a new work, at this stage called Noir Trail. This will be an episodic adventure with the participant as the protagonist, moving through various locales, drawing perhaps from film noir but with lots besides.

Later in the year we head to Spain, England and Canada, before returning to Melbourne in December.

All in all, a pretty exciting and creative year. Thank you for your interest in our work, and hopefully we will be able to bring / create one of our works wherever you may be. (If we do, we hope you like it).


en route 2009
en route

contemplating gold 2009
contemplating gold

war lounge 2008
war lounge

balloon diplomacy 2008
balloon diplomacy

beast banquet 2007
Beast Banquet

forever young glasses
forever young

Since I Suppose

nowhere bag

southern crossings
southern crossings

pop up 2010

pillow talk 2009
Pillow Talk